Vaping: 10 Tips for Newbies

Does Vaping Weed Make You Less Likey To Get Caught

Although electronic cigarettes are very popular, it is still important to know some information if you just want to try.

Here are our 10 recommendations for newbie vapers:

1. Research info about vaping before you start.

Today, there are many websites, and even specialized vaping bars, where you can ask all your questions about electronic cigarettes.

2. Don’t be afraid of steam.

Some still claim that “electronic” steam and cigarette smoke are one and the same. But liquids for vapes are developed with fewer chemicals than tobacco for regular cigarettes.

3. Be aware that vaping can replace smoking

Vaping is a unique alternative to traditional smoking. Many smokers who use a pack, or even more cigarettes a day, cannot immediately quit using a vape. But as studies show, over a month, you can reduce the number of cigarettes while using an electronic cigarette, and after a month you can completely abandon the usual cigarettes.

4. Remember that using e-cigarettes is less expensive than smoking.

Every smoker knows the cost of cigarettes today. Of course, there are different categories of vapes, and the prices can be high as well. But, if you choose a vape of the simplest format, then in the next month you will be able to see the sum saved on quitting usual smoking.

5. Buy components for electronic cigarette in online store.

Components for an electronic cigarette – propylene glycol, glycerin – can be found in any online store that specializes in sales of vaping devices. They are generally a less costly compared to offline stores or shopping malls.

6. Choose your configuration.

The choice of an electronic cigarette should be based on several parameters – the identity to a classic cigarette or some style preferences, the capacity of the battery, the ways of cleaning the vape.

7. Check the battery.

You can also choose a vaping device according to the capacity of the battery – the more this indicator is, the more puffs you can make per one charge.

8. Try before buying an expensive vape.

To determine exactly which e-cigarette to buy, purchase a one-time cigarette: for your benefit manufacturers produce such samples in a large assortment.

9. Remember about thermal control.

The option of thermal control increases the service life of the atomizer and evenly evaporates the liquid. It will be easier for a new vaper to develop his own way of smoking. You protect yourself from problems of liquid leakage, stickiness of hands, and a nasty taste of burning.

10. Choose a pleasant flavor.

Fruit, coffee, tobacco or some special flavors… Why don’t you indulge yourself in really pleasant things while vaping?

Hope these tips help you make a right choice.

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