How to Take Care Of The Vape

Both an experienced and a newbie vaper should know how to clean an electronic cigarette. Regardless of the manufacturer of the device, manipulations of the electronic cigarette are always the same.

Personal insights on proper care will come with time, but the information on how to keep an e-cigarette in order should be learned from the very beginning of using such a device.

How To Understand That It’s Time For Cleaning?

Those who smoke a pipe are never asked this question, because everything is very clear for them. But why would one need to clean an electronic cigarette? After all, such a device works due to evaporation of a special liquid.

There are several features that clearly indicate that it is time to clean the vape:

  • the device does not generate steam;
  • decrease in density and saturation of steam;
  • during the maintenance, the device produces strange sounds: whistling, squeaking, gurgling;
  • a taste of burning, or some signs of any other taste, not associated with the liquid of the electronic cigarette, appears;
  • the device overheats often.

Cleaning is needed to the following details of this device:

  • atomizer;
  • cartridge;
  • battery pack.

There is a number of rules for servicing each of these elements. It’s quite easy to understand how to clean an electronic cigarette so that it does not break or its quality decreases.

Cleaning The Vape

Caring about the device for vaping involves, first of all, the procedure for cleaning the atomizer.

This is a very important detail of an electronic cigarette, through which steam is generated from the tank for liquid. This action is being carried out not less than once per every 1-2 thousand puffs. Servicing an atomizer is possible earlier, when a decrease in steam production is noticed.

Quality care for the steam generator can be organized as a set of following manipulations:

  • Disconnect the steam generator from the battery pack.
  • Let the excess liquid drain completely. To speed up this process, you can blow through the steam generator from the mouthpiece side.
  • Next, the atomizer must be thoroughly rinsed under a stream of warm water.
  • After that, the device is thoroughly blown through and dried.
  • Once the steam generator has completely dried, you can collect the electronic cigarette back.

Cleaning the Cartridge

Another important point of service for e-cigarettes is the care of the cartridge. The “life” of this detail is no more than 7 charges. After this experienced vapers recommend to change the filler.

It is also desirable to rinse the cartridge with warm water before pouring in a new evaporation liquid, the flavor of which differs from the one used before.

Cleaning The Battery

You can clean the vape with a usual cotton swab. As a rule, the battery does not require special care.

But in order to extend the life of the battery pack, experts recommend that you follow several rules:

  • Keep the battery always charged and do not let it lie flat for a long time. If the battery is stored for a long time in a discharged state, its service term is reduced.
  • It is not recommended to use an electronic cigarette outside when there is a sub-zero temperature. In the cold, the battery discharges quickly, respectively, the period of its “life” is reduced.

So be attentive user and enjoy your vaping.

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