How To Refill An Electronic Cigarette

Vaping became a fine alternative for passionate smokers who decided to consider their health. Vaping offers unique satisfaction and relaxation. The market of e-cigarettes continuously grows. There are more and more products released to give advanced vaping pleasure to the users.

One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarette is that it is relatively inexpensive and rechargeable. These two features made e-cigarettes top products on the market. For e-cigarette lovers it is important to know how to recharge e-cigarettes. That will make vaping experience long-lasting and enjoyable.

The Way To Recharge Close System E-cigarettes

Each vaper has to know which type of vape he uses. It is also very important to consider that before purchasing. There are two main types of vape:

  • Closed system products;
  • Open system products.

The main difference is in two different ways the vape can be recharged. This information is important to find out before actually purchasing the vape, because it will determine its price and what additional expenses for refilling the e-cigarette will be.

How To Refill Closed System Vape

Closed system vapes are quite easy to recharge. Basically, they are easier to refill than the open system e-cigarette. however, closed system product refilling is more expensive.

The only thing the vaper has to do in order to recharge such vape is to replace the used tank with the new one. When the e-liquid in a vape is over, the device will produce less vapor and the vaper won’t be able to feel the e-cig flavor very well. These two criteria indicate it is time to refill the vape.

In order to replace the old tank with the new one, the user simply has to unscrew the old tank and fix the new one on the rechargeable device. It is as simple as that. After you fix the tank, double check if is placed firmly. Otherwise, if it is placed inappropriately, you won’t get good vapor.

How To Refill Open System Vape

Refilling open system e-cigarettes is more complicated. Now the user can’t simply replace the tank, he has to fill it in with the liquid. Here is how one can do it:

  • Dismantle the vape, and open the tank for liquid. It is important to put mouthpiece and the rechargeable device apart from the clearomizer.
  • Than you should take the tank with liquid and center it on the clearomizer.
  • Squeeze the bottle in order to fill in the clearomizer.
  • Pay attention to pour the liquid with care, otherwise you will have troubles cleaning it off your clothes.
  • After the tank is refilled. put the mouthpiece and the rechargeable battery where they should be, and check if they are installed firmly.

It is quite a simple process, but it needs some practice. The only thing it is important to remember to choose flavors for your vape each time you recharge. Different liquid flavors bring absolutely different fascinating experience of vaping.

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