Can You Make Liquid By Yourself?

Vaping lovers enjoy vaping so much that they want to create their own flavors and liquids. Is it possible to do so? Surely, it is. However, it takes some dedication in order to make your vape juice.

Before you decide to make your own vape juice, it is important to remember that there are many different liquids flavored in very diverse ways on the market. They do not cost that much. Moreover, vapes are quite easy to refill with new flavours. So, before you decide to mix flavors and create your unique liquid by yourself, check the market offers. You will for sure find the tastes that will suit you.

If you still want to create your own vape juice, it is important to remember that vape juice production is quite a dangerous process. On top of that, you have to be a really good chemist to produce the non-toxic liquid. So, think twice before you take the decision to make the vape juice by yourself.

Basics To Follow In Order To Make The Vape Juice

If you think that making liquid for cigarettes is very easy, you are wrong. Here are some basic ingredients you will need in order to produce it:

  • Nicotine;
  • Vegetable Glycerin;
  • Propylene Glycol;
  • Flavouring.

In addition, you will need gloves, empty bottles and a measuring jug. As you can see, the ingredients used for the liquid production are quite unusual. Nicotine in particular should be carried accurately and can be only managed when hands are protected with gloves.

Before you start, you have to understand which flavor you want to get. Then you have to understand in what the proportions of ingredients should be. You can’t do it by simply guessing. You need to use special calculators. There are many of those available online.

Such a calculator will help you understand which formula is right for you. Using the calculator, you will get right proportions for mixing your vape juice. After you know how concentrated your ingredients should be, and how much of each you need, you can start mixing them. Again, security measures are important. You are allowed to work in gloves only.

After your vape juice is ready, you can put it into container. In order to fill your vape, you can use a simple syringe. Although the process of liquid making seems quite straightforward, you have to be very accurate. Otherwise, you will either spoil the vape juice and will get low-quality liquid, or the chemicals may interact in an unexpected way, and you will get only negative consequences.

It is always wise to consider flavors proposed on the market. They are produced according to well-calculated recipes and are not that harmful for health.

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