How To Wind The Coil For The Vape

Vape-Coil-Building 101 The Best Pro Tips for Beginners

E-cigarette is a complicated mechanism. It works on the battery which can be recharged. Therefore, there is little surprise that electronic cigarettes are constructed in a complicated way.

One of the main characteristics of vapes is that the smokers have to know all about e-cigs, if they want their e-cigarettes to work a long as possible. They have to be able to wind the coil correctly, as well as to refill clearomizer and recharge the battery. It is not easy to do all these things, and it takes some time and effort to do everything correctly.

Winding the coil the right way is one of the most important things to manage, if you have an electronic cigarette. You can do it at the shops that sell e-cigarettes, or by yourself. Obviously, fixing the coil by yourself is cheaper.

Why Winding The Coil Is Important

The way the coil in e-cigarette is configured will determine how good your vaping experience will be. The right winding also determines:

  • If the coil will leak;
  • For how long it will function until get burned;
  • What noises the vape will produce;
  • How much vapor the e-cigarette will produce.

As you can see, the coil is an important functional part in the e-cig and should be winded correctly and with accuracy.

The Process Of Winding

In order to wind the coil, you will need some tools. Here they are;

  • Drill;
  • Candle Wax;
  • Superglue;
  • Copper wire.

These are the basic tools you will need to fix your coil. All you need to do is to wind the wire around the coil. You can do it manually using fingers to calculate the distance the wire is turned over the coil. If you do not like manual work, you can equally do it using the drill.

What is important to remember that you have to wind the wire smoothly, so that one part of the coil is not thicker than the other one. After you finish, you have to fix the wire with the glue.Make sure the wire can’t move. It has to be fixed perfectly.

These are simple steps to follow in order to make your e-cigarette work. However, if you feel not able to take care of your vape appropriately, you are recommended to address the customer service somewhere in your neighborhood. The professionals will fix any problem much faster. They will examine your vape and ensure it works fine. Regular check by professionals will make your electronic cigarette work as long as possible.

It is important to remember that each e-cig is sold with the warranty. It is very advisable to use the after-sale service. If you want the e-cigarette to work as long as possible you have to check its details regularly. Otherwise it won’t serve for long.

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